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The internet environment is really great. It provides lots of useful information and brings relaxing moments for users. However, the internet also contains certain risks, especially leakage of user information.
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We explain the hack that gives you 30 days of service completely free. Follow our step-by-step guide and enjoy! Aimee O’Driscoll May 7, ExpressVPN is regularly slated as offering the best VPN service available, having one of the broadest server networks in the industry, solid security, excellent unblocking abilities, and more. While some VPNs offer straight-up free trials where you pay nothing upfront, these are becoming less common. Instead, ExpressVPN offers a day money-back guarantee.

This is essentially a month-long free trial, the only difference being that you pay and then get a refund. Here, we explain exactly how to sign up for the service and how to cancel before the trial is over. The key here is making sure you remember to cancel the subscription before the 30 days are up.

Subscribe to ExpressVPN To get your day free trial, you first need to subscribe to the service like any regular paying customer. Choose a term. If you decide to keep the service, you could always cancel and get a refund and then sign up for a longer term at a discounted rate. Enter your email address and select your payment method. Note that if you choose to pay by credit card or PayPal, a recurring payment schedule will be set up automatically, but this can be easily cancelled.

The money-back guarantee applies to all payment types. You can choose whether to continue with this password or create your own. You should also receive an email containing your new account details. Now follow the applicable instructions to set up the software on your device. If not or for other devices, setup instructions can be found in the Support section of the website.

ExpressVPN has great speeds and top-notch security measures, so you can browse, stream, download, torrent, and whatever else you want to do online. The guarantee lasts exactly 30 days. This is quick and painless and you can use live chat or email to do it. The representative may ask if you have any feedback about the service. The representative should then confirm that your subscription has been cancelled and that your refund is on its way.

Note that it may take several days for the refund to be processed and for the funds to be returned back to you. VPN money-back guarantees and free trials A money-back guarantee can be a great way to try a service or to use it for free. In theory, that is. Unfortunately, too many VPNs give these offers a bad name by advertising money-back guarantees to lure customers in, but then failing to honor them.

The provider is difficult to contact. The guarantees are only available for certain payment methods. Many VPNs offer a variety of payment methods, and refunds are processed differently depending on the entity that processed it. You surpassed a resource limit. Another thing that may be hidden in the rarely-read fine print is a set of restrictions on the amount of resources that can be used for the guarantee to be valid.

For example, if you surpassed a bandwidth limit, this could render you ineligible for a refund. Again, these things are rarely stated clearly when you sign up for the service. Instead, the company realizes that by honoring its promise, people will be more inclined to return as customers or refer friends to the service.

VPN free trials You may see a money-back guarantee and be reluctant to submit an upfront payment. However, these have their downsides too, the major one being the short trial period. Typical lengths of free trials are one to seven days. You may see a day free trial in some cases, but these usually involve a very limited service.

This brings us to the next downside. Many providers put heavy restrictions on what you can do during a free trial. For example, you may be slapped with daily data caps, bandwidth limits, and only a small choice of servers. With those that are still running, you need to be wary, as some providers have shady reasons for offering a no-limits free trial.

What is Express VPN?

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ExpressVPN free trial hack (tested May 2019)

ExpressVPN includes a day money-back guarantee. Their no-questions-asked cancellation policy lives up to its name. Visit expressvpn.


With the 30 days free trial on Express VPN you can cancel your subscription at will. There is no compulsory committment.

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