Patch 3.7

Path of Exile – Patch Notes | LEGION UPDATE – All Patch Notes

Path of Exile — 3. In the Legion Challenge League, you will encounter monoliths as you journey across Wraeclast. Touching one of these monoliths will reveal ancient armies frozen in the midst of battle. When the effect ends, the soldiers you released will continue their battle, and even turn their violent attention to you.
patch 3.7

Patch 3.7

Path of Exile – 3.7 Patch Notes | LEGION UPDATE

Path of Exile — 3. In the Legion Challenge League, you will encounter monoliths as you journey across Wraeclast. Touching one of these monoliths will reveal ancient armies frozen in the midst of battle. When the effect ends, the soldiers you released will continue their battle, and even turn their violent attention to you.

By combining your splinters into Emblems, and placing two or more Emblems in the map device, you can visit the Domain of Timeless Conflict. Here you will witness and battle the armies whose Emblems you have used, and even their powerful Generals.

Discover powerful new jewels that drastically alter your Passive Skill Tree from each of the 5 legions, as well as new Unique items, and a brand new type of item: There are many different kinds of Incubator to find! With 3. They have the same core mechanics and items. You can create private league versions of these leagues, with mods that make the game harder.

The new challenge leagues include a set of 40 new challenges. When you reach 24 challenges, you will receive the Monolith Aura effect. These microtransactions are only obtainable in this league.

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you will receive pieces of the Legion Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Legion challenges you completed during the league. Added a new Strength Skill Gem — Steelskin: Instantly reduce incoming damage for a short duration.

Shares a cooldown with other Guard skills. Added a new Dexterity Skill Gem — Dash: Performs a series of quick teleports towards a targeted location. Perform a spinning attack, creating an area of effect that repeatedly deals attack damage to enemies within it based on your weapon damage and attack speed. This area of effect is stationary while in Blood Stance, and moves forward while in Sand Stance.

Requires a sword or axe. Allows you to switch between Blood Stance and Sand Stance. Deal more melee damage with less area of effect while in Blood Stance, or gain more area of effect while dealing less melee damage while in Sand Stance. Reserves a small portion of your mana. Added a new Strength Skill Gem — Berserk: Consumes your Rage at an accelerating rate.

While active, grants more damage, attack speed, movement speed, and causes you to take less damage. Requires 5 Rage to use, cannot be stopped once active, and only stops when all Rage is consumed. Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem — Frostblink: Deal cold damage in an area around your location, leaving chilled ground around you, then teleport to a targeted location. Has a cooldown that is reduced based on the number of nearby enemies when cast. Added a new Dexterity Skill Gem — Precision: Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, and grants you and nearby allies accuracy and increased critical strike chance.

Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, causes nearby enemies to be Maimed while in Blood Stance, and causes those enemies to take increased physical damage. While in Sand Stance, this aura causes nearby enemies to be Blinded, and causes enemies not affected by the aura to deal less damage to you.

Added a new Strength Skill Gem — Pride: Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, and causes nearby enemies to take more physical damage, increasing the damage they take the longer they are affected by the aura. Strike the ground with your weapon, causing spears to strike out from the earth. These spears strike your target location multiple times while in Blood Stance, and strike outwards in a large radius from the target location while in Sand Stance. Attacks nearby enemies with a damaging shockwave.

If used at a distance, releases a chain that draws you closer to any enemy hit. Generates 1 Rage when you hit an enemy. Requires a one-handed sword, mace or axe.

Added a new Strength Support Gem — Pulverise: Supports melee attacks, causing them to deal more damage and with a greater area of effect, but with a slower attack speed. Added a new Strength Support Gem — Rage: Supports melee attacks, causing you to gain 1 Rage when you hit an enemy with a supported skill, with a short exclusion timer on Rage gain from the support.

Supported skills deal added physical damage based on your Rage, adding a significant amount of physical damage if your Rage is above a threshold. Supports attack skills, granting them a chance to Impale enemies, increases the effect of Impales caused by those attacks, and causes those attacks to deal more physical damage.

Added a new Strength Support Gem — Shockwave: Supports melee skills. Triggers a Shockwave skill on kill that deals attack damage in an area around the slain enemy. Restricts the use of supported skills to maces and staves. There was a miscommunication regarding the number of weapon-specific support gems when discussed on Baeclast earlier, and for that we apologise.

Supports melee attacks, causing them to deal more damage to enemies based on their proximity. Also causes supported skills to grant a buff on hit, which increases attack and cast speed for the next travel skill you use. Restricts the use of supported skills to axes and swords. Added 12 new Unique Items, one of which was designed by a supporter. Added 14 new Divination Cards, designed by supporters.

Added 18 new Sextant modifiers, many of which only appear on high-tier maps. Reworked 15 existing Unique Items, which will only drop from monsters in the Legion challenge leagues. Added 15 new keystones to the Passive Skill Tree, visible only when you have one of the new unique jewels introduced in Legion socketed. Minor New Content and Features Improved the early-game experience. Fights in the first three Acts will be tougher but more responsive, involved and dynamic. This includes fights against basic monsters!

You can now queue skills. By using one skill while another skill is in progress, that skill will be used immediately after the current skill has finished. Added new functionality to the Map Stash Tab which displays which tiers and maps have Elder or Shaper influence, or an Atlas Objective.

Rage is now displayed along the top-left of the Mana orb, so you can see exactly how much Rage you have at any given time. Added sounds for various error cases, such as attempting to equip an invalid item. Smoothed the transition between resolutions while Dynamic Resolution is enabled. Changes to the size of characters now occur smoothly, rather than snapping between the two sizes. Improved the localisation of server messages. Improved performance of various game elements, with a particular focus on high-intensity visual effects.

Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments. Many of these are specific to skills, but some are broad and affect all aspects of melee combat and combat in general: Hit Multiple Enemies: Every attack — even Glacial Hammer — can now hit multiple targets by default.

Previously, an attack would look at targets in melee range in front of your character and choose one. Now it chooses all of them that the attack physically passes through. Animation Cancelling: You can now interrupt a skill with movement or a movement skill. If you use a skill any skill, not just an attack , you can now interupt the animation before it finishes playing.

If you do so before the point in the animation that damage is dealt or a projectile is created etc… you will not deal damage. Directional Attacks: Many monsters now deal damage in a specific area in front of them when they attack, meaning you can avoid taking damage by sidestepping or moving away. Previously, monsters would deal damage to their target, even if they had moved to the side. The area for most of these attacks is a degree cone in front of them. Attack Signalling: This is the culmination of many, many small user experience improvements.

Attack Range Signalling: Player attacks now accurately signal their damage range via skill effects and trails. A dual-wielding character will alternate attacks in a way that feels much more natural than previously, and will make your off-hand weapon choice more important.

Blocking Enemies: Enemies with shields can block attacks, but will only prevent a large portion of the incoming damage, rather than all of it. When an enemy blocks an attack, an effect will play.

ControlDesk 3.7.3 Patch 3

Full patch notes for Path of Exile: Legion, content update are up, carefully detailing all changes coming our way on the 7th of June. The newest hotfix patch for POE is released On July 4 for PC firstly, and followed on PS4 and Xbox One. Now we can check the full notes of Patch b below. Additionally, mock provides a patch() decorator that handles patching module and class level attributes within the scope of a test, along with sentinel for creating.

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REVIEW: ControlDesk Patch – dSPACE

Arachne has undergone a visual upgrade. This means she now has a new model , textures, animations, FX treatments and new card art. Her mastery skins will. On April 20th, XL Games released the latest patch to Archeage, Patch With it comes several quality of life changes, such as the Raid Recruitment Board. “Fixed a bug introduced in patch where you could be incorrectly “kicked for too many actions” when using channelled skills if you were.

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Patch 3.7

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