Windows Phone And Google Play

Play Store for Windows phone

Google Play vs. We compare both markets to see how they stack up to one another. But in this case, we have cropped iOS out of the picture.
windows phone and google play

Windows Phone And Google Play

Google Play vs. Windows Phone Marketplace

Google Play vs. We compare both markets to see how they stack up to one another. But in this case, we have cropped iOS out of the picture. So which market do developers favor now? Membership Cost Before you can even build an application for either market, both Google and Microsoft require that developers cough up some cash.

Furthermore, most all Android apps are written in Java. The Android platform is very staggered between builds and that makes it difficult for developers to make an app that works on all versions of Android. With Windows Phone 8 on the way, rumor has it that Microsoft will only be releasing WP8 to the latest devices that are released in Therefore, this will leave developers stuck in between two different versions of Windows Phone.

This could create a sticky situation and a possible opportunity for market share, should Android solve its ongoing fragmentation. Number of apps AppBrain , a website for finding the best Android apps, tabulates the number of apps currently in the Google Play Store.

At the time of the writing this article, the website claims that there were just over , apps in total. Furthermore, over , of those apps were free.

If you were to purchase an app on your iPhone, it would show up on your iPad as well. However, SkyDrive is lacking one feature that I find very useful.

Instead of just storing your data online for you, Google took it one step further. Furthermore, you can even install apps to any of your devices directly from the desktop store. For example, after you find an app that you want, simply hit the install button and choose your device. Then, as long as your device is connected to the Internet, the download will begin automatically. Furthermore, Google Docs was recently re-named as Google Drive.

In addition, Google Drive offers you 5GB of total storage space between files, email, and Picasa photos. With a few updates and the most recent name change to Google Play, I feel that Google has really done a nice job with the current design. With big and bold pictures, a feature of Ice Cream Sandwich, it is easy to find the best apps without having too much in your face. Swipe the whole screen left and right to find different categories and the top app lists Top Free, Popular Apps, etc.

In addition, Windows and Google use similar categories to sort their apps. The only main difference between the two markets is that Google has chosen to use big and vibrant pictures to represent new and featured apps, books, movies, and music. After becoming featured in the Android Market, the app saw a significant increase in downloads. Finally, Lightbox was a featured app during the holiday season of and received the lions share of an estimated 1 billion plus downloads during that time period.

Content Management Client It is no secret that Microsoft has been in the program and application business ever since it started. Therefore, the Zune Software is in use for Windows Phone users. The program can be used on your Windows PC and comes pre-loaded with access to a horde of music and videos. It also has the ability to move around media between your phone and computer. Finally, it can also install new software updates to your device.

On the other hand, Google created an online marketplace similar to the Chrome Web Store. Along with Google Play, previously known as Android Market, they have re-introduced their cloud management client. First used as an online music player, Google Play now allows you to manage all of your music, apps, books, and even movies. Furthermore, by visiting Google Play on any Internet connected device, you can play all of your music just like on iTunes. You can also read all of your books, and manage your movies and apps between your Android devices directly from the Google Play website.

Finally, as mentioned before… Re-Cap As you can see, both markets are similar in a lot of ways. Microsoft on the other hand, has an advantage with the desktop client; they had the Zune series around to develop and implement at the right time. In the category of developers, Android has more users on their platform which would easily attract more developers. Microsoft has taken the route of paying developers to develop apps on their platform.

Which app store is your favorite? Is it about having more apps, or fewer apps of a higher quality? Let us know in the comments and poll below!

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Popular Alternatives to Google Play Store for Windows Phone. Explore Windows Phone apps like Google Play Store, all suggested and ranked by the. We show you how to run Android apps from your Windows PC or tablet. on our desktop or laptop, something quite different on our phone or tablet. BlueStacks includes Google Play, so you can search for and install apps. A developer has released a Google Play Services package for a number of Windows 10 Mobile handsets to give unnofficial access to Google.

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Add to My Vault: If you’ve never heard of this project; it is a Universal Windows Platform Bridge toolkit that enables you to build Windows apps for phones by reusing your Android code. Microsoft obviously hopes that such a tool will be adopted by developers to port over their Android apps and help fix its ‘app gap’. Having Android apps easily repurposed for Windows 10 mobile may sound good, however in beta tests some lack functionality due to the missing Google Play services. Reading through the XDA forum pages devoted to installing Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile the process looks to be under constant refinement.

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Download here Developed by Microsoft, Windows Phone belongs to a family of mobile operating systems designed for smartphones as the alternative to Windows Mobile and Zune. It was launched in October as Windows Phone 7. Microsoft and Nokia merged on February 11, , and formed a partnership on the basis that Windows Phone would become the prime operating system for Nokia smartphones thereby replacing the original operating system for Nokia called Symbian.

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Google Play Store is Google’s official source for Android apps and to any Android device (tablet or mobile phone) linked to a user’s account. Sad to see the death of Windows Mobile? Well, maybe currently available in the Google Play Store (and in the iOS App Store, for that matter). Connect your phone and PC to get instant access to your phone’s notifications, texts, and photos. Install Your Phone Companion and link it with the Your Phone .

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Windows Phone And Google Play

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